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Another great product that we make right here on the farm is our handmade goat’s milk soap.  I (Laura) started making soap for our family about 7 years ago when we had just a couple of milk goats on the farm. I needed another way to use up all the extra milk we accumulated from our goats.  I just love different types of crafts, so I decided to learn how to make soap from our goats’ milk.  We enjoyed using the soap and I enjoyed making the soap so much that we have added it to our range of goat products. While learning the art of making soap I also learned about the great benefits of using homemade soap, especially goat’s milk soap.

The soap I make is made mostly from natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals such as alcohol which can dry skin and make it itchy.  Goat’s milk contains a highly effective moisturizer called capric-capryllic triglyceride.  This is an ester composed of fatty acids which can rapidly penetrate and moisturize the skin.  We have had many of our customers come back and say that ours is the only soap they use because it is so mild and gentle on their skin. The unique array of fragrances is another reason our customers return to buy our soap.  I try to provide blends of scents that appeal to both men and women alike. Our soaps offer nice clean scents that refresh, but don’t overpower.  The soap also appeals to many because it lathers so nicely and holds up for a long time without going soft. Misty Meadows soaps are great to give as gifts or use as favors.  Every bar of soap is hand wrapped in beautiful colorpaper with eye catching labels. Keep and use them yourself or give to your friends we know you’ll enjoy every bar.
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Misty Meadow Fragrances:
Jasmine Rose and Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Mint, Lavender Wood and Spice, Coconut and Mango, Lemongrass and Sage, Rose and Lavender, White Tea and Ginger, Spiced Cranberry, Coconut Lime and Verbena, Sandal Wood, Pure Rain, Lavender and Sage, Mango and Papaya.