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If freshness and diversity are what you and your family are looking for then Misty Meadows is a great place to shop! One thing we guarantee about our produce is that it is always picked at its’ peak ripeness.  We do the majority of the picking for market just the day before so everything we bring is fresh out of the garden.  This is the advantage of buying local produce, and we enjoy sharing the benefits of eating the most nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables that are only hours out of the garden with you.

As far as selection goes, stop by and take a look at all the unique array of vegetables we try to offer.  If you like peppers, we grow varieties to suit everyone’s needs.   You can find peppers from the sweetest Italian fryers to the hottest in the world – the infamous Ghost pepper!!  There are so many to choose from there is bound to be something to suit anyone’s taste.

When it comes to onions you may find it surprising how many different shapes and flavors you can pick from.  There are the sweetest walla walla’s, the gourmet red and yellow cipollini that are fantasticon the grill, and the longest lasting storage onions you can enjoy all winter long!

We also commit a lot of garden space to garlic and shallots.  The early Italian garlic variety
is wonderful because it’s available weeks before most other varieties and it is just so delicious!  Bavarian purple comesin later put in any dish it will give it that spicy garlic flavor you are looking for.   Gourmet French grey shallots are another rarity we bring every week that are truly special, and we offer them at a great price too!   The other shallots are fantastic in any salad dressing and store in perfect condition for the longest time.  We have customers using them clear thru to the following year.

From beets to carrots, cabbages to tomatoes I could go on and on about all the different things we enjoy growing, but we encourage you to come and see for yourself.  We are always happy to take time to answer any questions and enjoy hearing about the dishes created from our customers.  Our family would also like to thank all of you who help support us at the market, it is your kind comments and regular attendance that make it possible for us to do what we love.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our products.