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In 2002 we expanded our farm with the addition of a goat dairy.  We obtained a milk contract with Montchevre in Belmont, Wi and continue to ship our milk there.  We set up our operation with a plan of milking around 160 goats.  Unlike many dairies we did not want to milk more goats to raise our production, instead we invested in improving the genetics of our offspring to increase our milk yield.  Our rolling herd average of over 2800 lbs. has grown significantly since we began.  In order to keep improving we have invested every year in purchasing the best sires from high producing milking lines.  They have proven themselves by producing daughters with excellent conformation and increased udder capacity with very good attachment.  We have also selected out our best does to keep kids from each year,  and by doing so every generation born on the farm has been an improvement over previous generations.  In 2011 we realized it was getting too difficult to keep track of production, records, and breeding so we joined DHIA and now are on official milk test.  We hope by using the information we gather from these records we will continue to improve our herd and be able to sell exceptional animals which will increase production in other new or established farms.

Starting in 2011 we began saving bucks from our highest producing does to sell as breeding bucks.  These bucks are from does that produce 3000-4000 lbs. of milk annually and will be excellent for improving milk yield in any herd.   We will also have some extra doe kids for sale this year that are out of some of our best does, as well as several milkers that we will sell in the fall.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

We are also looking for buyers of doe kids for the upcoming 2012 year.  We choose not to raise every kid born on the
farm and would like to sell our extra does soon after freshening.   We only sell kids that are healthy and strong eaters. 

If you are looking to start up a farm or need extra kids contact us for what we will have
available next year.

Sires used in 2011


Mamm-key Gent’s Bishop(AA1510627)  
S: Cherry Glen Password Gentry           
D: Mamm-key Gypsy’s Whiskey

Vance’s Felicia’s Xploit                              
S: Tempo Aquila free cruise                   
D: Kickapoo valley dreamy Felicia


Spicey-Acres Oreo (L1540777)                 
S: Mint Leaf Aries
D: Mint Leaf Vanilla

Autumn-Acres Quicksilver(L1444286)    
S: Kastdemur’s Spartan 
D: Willow Run Cozy on the Beach


Tradewinds Tony’s (Not yet registered)  
S: Tradewinds Sun Anthony
D: Tradewinds RL Polly

BGR’s (Not yetregistered)                   
S: Cherry Pines WMV Bittersweet
D: BGR Annie Oakley

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our products.