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When my husband and I purchased our 20 acre farm 9 years ago we found ourselves transplanted from the city of Madison to rural Monroe, WI.  Now instead of being surrounded by people and the bustle of the city we find ourselves at the end of a dead end road surrounded by rolling hills, several empty barns, and a whole lot of questions on what to do next.

First, we knew we wanted to try our hand at growing vegetables. The early years proved to be very difficult breaking new ground, needing to improve soil fertility, and learning the art of growing beautiful produce.  In the 9 years we’ve been at it a lot has changed.  We have become much better managers of our land, improving the soil fertility, rotating the garden to minimize the need for insect control, and planting more so we can offer a larger range of healthy and always fresh picked vegetables each week at the two markets we attend.

As our vegetable garden grew so did our dreams to quit our full time jobs to find a way to support ourselves just working on the farm.  We tossed around several ideas from raising sheep, to boarding horses, to milking goats.  “Milking goats?”  I said to my husband, “people don’t really do that, and what do we know about running a commercial dairy.  We grew up in the city!”  We started researching the idea of milking goats, and found ourselves in a very good location to get our milk picked up from a local creamery. After a couple years we decided to take the plunge and invested in building a dairy. It has been six years since we purchased our first 10 goats which we milked by hand, to the present day of milking 160 in our mechanized milking parlor. 

There was an awful lot to learn about caring for these wonderful creatures and a lot of hurdles to get everything done, but now we are so happy and just enjoy milking goats every day. Becoming full time farmers has been a life changing adventure full of many sacrifices and great rewards.  When you farm there are no days off, there are always jobs to do rain or shine, and we rarely get a chance to get away, but the positives definitely outweigh the downsides.  Our family is together every day and we are blessed to get the opportunity to watch our two children grow and thrive living the farm life.  Knowing we can provide healthy, fresh picked produce to so many families each week fills us with great satisfaction.  We personally know the benefits of eating vegetables picked at peak ripeness, not stored and ripened to be sold later.  They just taste better and are better for you.  We are so thankful to all our faithful customers.  Their kind comments and continuing support means we can keep doing what we love!

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